DKB Exchange is Looking to Buy Your Once Fired Brass!


We will purchase your Pistol and Rifle Rounds.

ATTENTION – READ BEFORE SUBMITTING – Please wait until you have 50lbs or more of once fired mixed Range Brass and/or Rifle rounds. We will pay per pound on your Pistol rounds and we pay per piece on your Rifle rounds .308 and above. Please wait until you have a substantial amount of casings before you submit.  Thank you.

The Diamond K Brass Exchange will purchase outright or trade for your fired brass.  To view our list of available calibers for trade, visit Diamond K Brass to see what is currently in stock.  Please fill out the following questionnaire and we will get back to you within 48 hours with both a purchase offer and a trade value offer *possibly longer on weekends or Holidays.  We will pay top dollar for any and all once fired brass.
Seller is responsible for shipping costs.

Please Provide The Following
  1. Where is your brass collected from?

  2. What is the condition of your brass?

  3. Are there steel or aluminum casings mixed in with your brass?
  4. Is it sorted and seperated by caliber?
  5. If Yes, what are the calibers included and in what quantities (total casing count or by pound)? Please include if casings are nickel finish. Contain military manufacturers, are primer sorted or any other relevant information.

    INCLUDE: Each Caliber and Quantity count in either total number of casings or total weight in pounds.
  6. Are you looking to trade your brass for other caliber brass?
  7. *Disclaimer: The Diamond K Brass Exchange has the right to refuse any brass that has been misrepresented by the seller. For the sake of convenience, please include all necessary information prior to submittal. Thank you.
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